Portfolio Builder Shoots

Naturally Nude Photography Devon
Portfolio Builder Shoots
Location & Model Photography Specialist

If you are considering modeling, for the first time, then our ‘Naturally Nude’ Portfolio Builder shoot is perfect to get you started.

We will do a 2 hour on-location shoot with you. Alan will be your primary photographer, but I (Annette) can accompany him, if you would like a female along as well. 

You can shoot in a couple of different outfits, ending at implied / nude.

From the shoot, you will get around 10 images per outfit / scene we shoot.

Our ‘Naturally Nude’ Portfolio Builder shoot is great if you are just starting out. We will treat you with respect, we do not push you to reveal more than you are comfortable with. We will work out with you, before the shoot, what you want to get out of it, the type of images, amount of skin etc etc.