Free Natural Portraits

Natural Portrait Sessions Devon

Over the coming weeks and months I am starting a natural portrait photography project. This will be open to 25 male subjects and 25 female subject only. The only conditions are that you must live in Devon and be over 18. All positions are on a first come, first served basis. So book today if interested. 

The project will be open to men and women (over 18 only) and will involve being topless for a shoot. It is 100% free.


  • The photoshoot will either be in a public place, like a beach or clifftop, or my home studio. 
  • The photoshoot will last no longer than 25 minutes. 

  • No make-up is prefered, however light makeup is acceptable.
  • All shoots are ‘artistic’ in nature and not exploitative. Most shots will be taken from just below the shoulders up, to appear topless.  You will be able to cover nipples etc if you wish.
  • You will receive a digital copy of all the best images in return for your time along with a high quality A4 print of the best picture. 


To book, see the link below or message me for more details.