Why Are Some Photoshoots Free?

Most shoots are now free, with the exception of our Model Experience / First Time Nude shoots. They cost ÂŁ99

Most of our photoshoots really are free because I share the copyright of the pictures with you. This means I can use them on my website, social media, and any books I may decide to publish in the future. In return, you can also use the images for whatever you want.

If you would like to get your shoot free you can, checkout the details here.

Do You Only Shoot Naked People?

No we specialize in Boudoir, Glamour, Lingerie, Artistic Nude and pretty much any ‘sexy’ photoshoot you want.

What Are The Different Levels?

Levels is a simple term, basically saying how much flesh is going to be on-display. We always discus levels before the shoot and will never push to to go further than you are comfortable with.

The Levels We Use

Lingerie – Pretty self explanatory, a shoot at this level is underwear, any style of your choice.

Implied – Implied has different means depending on the photographer really. Our definition is that you will be nude, but strategically covered, by clothing, props or the pose.

Nude (artistic) – Artistic nude photography is normally long distance, so no close-ups of body parts. Again normally shot in black and white and will require some hard / uncomfortable poses.

Nude (erotic) – These shoots are perfect for models, Instagram stars and anyone who wants some sexy pictures. From a boudoir shoot as a surprise for your partner, to an Only Fans content shoot. Erotic nude shoots can be anything you want.

Does Implied Mean I Will Still Be Naked In Front Of The Photographer?

Yes, to create stunning implied nude images the photographer needs to have an understanding of the light and shadow. To be able to conceal parts of your body, the photographer may need to direct your movements etc.

Photographers: Alan Lloyd, Annette Edgell
Our photographers may also bring an assistant. Please let us know if you only wish a ‘same sex’ assistant.

We are always considerate and will not gawp or stare, this is a job to us. We see nude everyday 🙂

Where Do You Shoot?

We shoot in all different locations around Devon. from bedrooms & studios, to clifftops, field and beaches.

Is It Legal?

Yes, posing in lingerie or even nude outdoors is perfectly legal. We use quiet locations that make for amazing photography. I prefer to shoot either at sunrise or sunset. As this makes for beautiful pictures. Also there are less people around. It may be cold, but it is worth it to get amazing images with no spectators.

Being nude in public is not a criminal offence in England & Wales. You are allowed to be naked and have your picture taken as long as you do not setup to ‘shock’ or cause offense.

What Happens To My Pictures?

You will get a copy of all the best images from your photoshoot. This is usually 10 – 15 for an hour shoot.

The copyright of all images belongs to us. This means we may use your images on social media, our website and in print.

Private Images – If you decide at any point you would like to keep your images private you can buy the fully rights to them, from us, and we will no longer publish your pictures. The cost is ÂŁ99

Print Deals – If we get contacted by a magazine or web publication to buy a set of images, we will share all profits 50/50 with the model.

Can I Hide My Identity?

With some shoot types, yes. If you want to shoot low-light bodyscapes etc, then yes we may be able to conceal your identity. 

The best thing is to have a chat with us, and let us know the type of photoshoot you want.


We can shoot in most weathers however sometimes we do have to postpone. In those cases you will get to choose another date and we will do our best to get your shoot done as soon as possible..

I have never had to cancel a shoot totally because of the weather, but we do postpone to a different day sometimes.. If this happens you will get priority and hopefully we will get your photoshoot done within a week of your chosen date.

Chaperones / Companions

Nude Shoots – Anyone is welcome to bring one person with them to act as a chaperone or companion. I will normally be accompanied by a female photography assistant, especially on “adult” or “boudoir” style photoshoots.

Non-Nude Shoots – No chaperones allowed.

Digital Images

You will usually receive between 10 and 15 fully finished, high quality images per shoot. If we get more good pictures you will get them as well. We won’t hold any great images back, just because we reached the 15 “limit”..

Your images will be delivered online, in high quality web JPG files. We do include a small watermark/signature in the corner of every image.

You will be able to use your images in any way you wish including sharing them online and using them on social media etc as long as my watermark remains.

Physical Prints

I do not supply “print quality” digital image. If you want printed images I use one of the top photographic print houses in the country to print my work. I have personally approved the quality of their printing. Each order is specific to each customer. So no matter what size and finish you want, you will be assured of the best quality.

Print Types Available – Large Photo Prints, Canvas Photo Prints, Metallic Wall Art, Mugs, Mouse Mats, Bags etc.

Just let me know what you would like, or ask for my personal recommendations, if you need some help deciding.

I sell all prints and products at marginally above my cost. I only do this to control the quality of my work. Cheap printers can ruin amazing photography.